lunedì 8 novembre 2010

71 - ONE STEP INNA THE SEVENTIES - Heavybass FM 7/11/10

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I Roy - Roots man (OBSERVER)
Jacob Miller - False rasta (ROCKERS INTERNATIONAL)
Linval Thompson - I love marijuana (THOMPSON SOUND)
Johnny Clarke - Fittest of the fittest (GORGAN)
Johnny Clarke - Ride on (THOMPSON SOUND)
The Wailers - Concrete jungle (RANDY'S)
Johnny Osbourne - Purify your heart (TECHNIQUES)
Patrick Andy - Every tongue shall tell (VIVIAN JACKSON)
Augustus Pablo - Black gun (ROCKERS INTERNATIONAL)
Dennis Brown - Foot of the mountain (IMPACT!)
The Skull - Black slavery days (FOX)
Sammy Dread - I am dreadlocks (THOMPSON SOUND)
The Abyssinians - Declaration of rights (CLINCH)
I Roy - Who's the man (TECHNIQUES)
Dennis Brown - The half (SUNSHOT)
Hugh Mundell - Africa must be free by 1983 (PABLO INTERNATIONAL)
Yabby U - Warn the nation (VIVIAN JACKSON)
Max Romeo - Valley of Jehosaphat (CHARMAX)
Culture - Too long in slavery (HIGH NOTE)
Augustus Pablo - Zion high (ROCKERS INTERNATIONAL)

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